Cost-effective and highly scalable emotion measurement technology based on automated facial expression recognition and eye tracking compatible with webcams.
Analyze human emotions from facial expressions. More direct and automatic than by any other method. Free yourself from black boxes, electrodes, and wiring. Cost-effectively assess the emotional impact of service, product and brand messages on an unprecedented scale.
Capture Reactions: On Billions of Devices

3D Facial Imaging captures and interprets emotions as they are occur, making direct measurement of emotional response easy to implement and highly scalable. No software installation is required – all that is needed is a web browser and a webcam. nViso sends a video (for instance, a TV commercial or promotional message) to a respondent's computer. Using their own webcam, nViso's intelligent software system captures the most transitory of facial micro-expressions precisely as they view your video. Second-by-second response is automatically sent to a central server for analysis and processing.

Deploy nViso technology online or offline, on computers or in mobile environments. nViso provides API’s for mobile apps allowing data capture using a smartphone or tablet devices.

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Each face has its unique geometric profile. Harnessing the power of 3D Facial Imaging technology, nViso analyzes reactions in the most demanding natural environments. Completely free from human intervention and computed in real-time, nViso's technology is robust to poor lighting, out of focus images, occlusions, as well as motion blur in mobile imaging environments.

nViso's sophisticated algorithms capture hundreds of measurement points, tracking 43 facial muscles in real-time. Completely automated, it requires no calibration, dedicated lab facility or expert personnel to operate. nViso's unique capacity to operate in difficult in-home environments provides global reach and allows fast feedback of objective, unbiased results.

How It Works
Measure 7 Emotions: Automated & Realtime

Facial expressions are innate to all humans and have been proven to be one of the strongest ways we express our emotions. Resulting from the work of Dr. Paul Ekman and others, a core set of emotions have been shown to be universally conveyed by facial expressions : happiness, surprise, fear, anger, disgust, and sadness. Ekman and Friesen operationalized taxonomizing every human facial expression by developing the Facial Action Coding System (FACS).

Based on Ekman's Facial Action Coding System, nViso's sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms capture and measure the response to the main facial muscles involved in the expression of emotions in real-time. Machine learning systems precisely decode facial movements into the underlying expressed emotions.

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Consumer response is subtle and complex, but nViso outputs are easy to interpret. A key nViso advantage is its ability to attribute response to specific emotions. Tracking response with 3D Facial Imaging helps to measure specific consumer moods and reactions as they are evoked across multiple media and marketing channels.

By studying instantaneous reactions, nViso computes precise scores for each emotion on a second-by-second basis, and also derives an overall emotional performance index. This precision of measurement allows marketers to compare response at the beginning, during, and at the end of videos, as well as to see the impact of specific images, scenes or branding moments. The result is a unique, holistic, and easy to interpret picture of the emotional resonance invoked.

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Create your own unique outputs based on our data. nViso rapidly provides automatically generated feedback charts with data you can integrate into your own delivery systems. nViso also offers clients easy-to-use online Visualization tools, that let you drill down to see who and how people responded to your marketing stimuli. Understand what emotions were evoked at specific moments, identify when Surprise, Happiness or Sadness were most intense or which respondents reacted most positively to a particular message.

This enables you to discover unique consumer insights never accessible before, to build learning and track changes in customer emotions. Cost-effectively assess customer's real emotive response as it occurs, for fast, effective refinement of your brand and marketing messages.

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