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Integrates into existing online questionaires and compatible with all major online sample providers.

checkCentral Location Testing

Run studies from dedicated facilities without the need to install dedicated software or equipment.


Analyze video responses captured on mobile devices, compatible with low quality video recordings.


checkSubtle Emotions

Capture subtle, unconscious emotional reactions not reported through questionnaires


Cost-effective and highly scalable compared to other neuro / biometric methods


Captures instantaneous emotional reactions as they occur in real time

checkNon Directive

Overcomes the issues of direct, over-rational questioning

checkNon Instrusive

Passive, needs no hardware or sensors as EEG or GSR

checkCross Cultural

Is consistent in response across cultures and ethnicities

checkNatural Environments

Robustly operates in natural home environments with full global reach

checkMulti Platform

Integrates into a wide range of online and offline platforms

check"Expert" Free

Requires no dedicated equipment or highly trained personnel



nViso enhances the speed and quality of market research by precisely gauging emotional response levels of consumers to marketing stimuli in real time. It achieves this by using proprietary 3D Facial Imaging artificial intelligence technology to capture and analyze facial micro-expressions in a robust and repeatable way that can be integrated into existing research frameworks. The data processed by nViso is wide-ranging and has the ability to deliver insights to fuel new-product development, marketing improvement or service innovations.

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Measure specific consumer emotions related to images, messages and marketing collateral (e.g. advertising, packaging, retail displays).


Uncover what drives opinions on satisfaction and preference. Emotion data is produced in high granularity, without any human intervention.


Create more accurate, consistent measures of emotive response – metrics that can be applied strategically, across brands and categories.

Revitalize a range of market research applications

Conventional research techniques are restricted by respondents' recall and difficulty in describing subtle, unconscious emotional states. This difficulty has generated increased interest in neuroscience-influenced methods. However many methods like fMRI, EEG, and GSR are costly, intrusive, and difficult to apply across diverse populations or integrate with existing methods.

In combination with the right mix of quantitative and/or qualitative research techniques, 3D Facial Imaging is a precise and scalable technology for capturing and interpreting emotions as they are occur. Firmly science-based, it can be integrated into existing research frameworks increasing their power. This offers potential for insights into a wide variety of issues, from emotional response to advertising's creative development to on-shelf brand choice. 3D Facial Imaging will enhance a full range of applications including :

  • Advertising Diagnosis
  • Concept Screening and Evaluation
  • Entertainment and Media Measurement
  • Retail, Virtual Shopping, and Package Testing
  • Website and Usability Testing
  • Customer Service and Satisfaction Evaluation
  • Flexible integration into existing research frameworks

    Emotion Video Analytics seamlessly integrates into multiple data collection channels and research methods. It is designed to be completely passive and agnostic to communication theories. By doing so, we help our clients and partners transform Emotion Video Analytics into true competitive advantage in a way that's smarter, faster, and more cost-effective than any other approach to measuring emotions – online or offline. The solution spans data collection and processing, reporting and analytics, and vizualization of insights including a range of deliverables.

  • SPSS compatible respondent emotion data file
  • Custimizable top-line charts and reports
  • Online vizualization tools
  • Enterprise grade deployment capabilities

    Emotion Video Analytics is available across three geographic regions including North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific using both IBM SmartCloud Enterprise and IBM System x Servers for onsite installations.

    The IBM SmartCloud is built on the skills, experience and best practices gained from years of managing and operating security-rich data centers for enterprises and public institutions around the world. It is designed to deliver the highest quality, reliability and security possible on a shared infrastructure accessible from the Internet.

    The IBM System x is a family of Intel® processor-based servers, designed to deliver exceptional availability, simplified manageability, outstanding performance and revolutionary scalability for next-generation video processing and analytics applications.

    For more information concerning deployment options of nViso solutions using IBM Products and Services please consult the IBM Global Solutions Directory - Emotion Video Analytics Solution.