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20th May, 2016 - Lausanne, Switzerland

nViso launches artificial intelligence powered financial tool : EmotionAdvisor

Feelings drive many financial and life choices. Yet, people have difficulty knowing what they actually feel. Using nViso's state-of-the-art emotion recognition technology and cloud based artificial intelligence lets consumers understand more deeply what they feel, want and need so they can make better financial decisions.

Successful financial advisors acknowledge the importance of a client’s emotions in making major decisions such as how much to invest in a stock, whether they can afford a bigger mortgage, how to fund a child’s education and how much to save for retirement. However, in a world where customers often prefer to interact with their banks and brokers online, it can be difficult for advisors to gain the emotional understanding they need to win a client’s confidence and serve them well.

EmotionAdvisor Website

IBM Case Study

14th April, 2016 - Zurich, Switzerland

nViso wins IBM Bestseller Award 2015

nViso SA has received the prize of "Cloud and Analytics Bestseller 2015“ during the "Success Made with Partners” conference, attesting to the successful combination of nViso Emotion Analytics and IBM Cloud Services.

The CEO of nViso, Tim Llewellynn, was handed the prize by Thomas Landolt, the CEO of IBM Switzerland and Olaf Scamperle, IBM Channel Manager DACH. The nViso team is pleased and honoured to have received this accolade as it acknowledges their leading expertise in growing area of artificial intelligence and bog data analytics that holds tremendous potential value for our customers.

IBM Schweiz ehrt Partner

4th April, 2013 - Lausanne, Switzerland

nViso Joins Collaborative Effort To Reinvent Ad Research In Asia.

Asian brand and marketing research specialists Cimigo announced that they have joined forces with MR design consultancy Gordon & McCallum and Swiss emotion technology company nViso to launch a large scale study of Advertising in Asia: AsiaEmotion.

Based on nViso’s proprietary 3D Facial Imaging technology, the syndicated study directly measured emotional response to advertising in five key Asian markets. nViso’s technology automatically records emotional response based on facial expressions of respondents. This allows researchers to scientifically measure respondent’s real reaction to a video without requiring questions or complex research techniques. AsiaEmotion looked at reaction to 75 “everyday” ads to ascertain what advertising styles, messages or imagery seemed to really be effective.

nViso / AsiaEmotion Press Release

18th March, 2013 - Lausanne, Switzerland

Sands Research and nViso announce partnership to advance consumer neuroscience insights available to marketers.

Sands to add nViso 3D Facial Imaging capabilities to provide the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of Brain Imaging Services to precisely gauge consumer emotional response to marketing initiatives.

Two of the market research community’s leading technology companies announced today a partnership for the combination of their advanced software on a single platform / service offering.

nViso / Sands Research Press Release

28th February, 2013 - Lausanne, Switzerland

nViso Wins 2013 IBM Beacon Award for Smarter Computing: SmartCloud - Cloud Application Provider.

IBM Beacon Awards recognize IBM Business Partners for their technical excellence, industry expertise, and innovative solutions.

nViso was named a winner of a 2013 IBM Beacon Award for Smarter Computing: SmartCloud - Cloud Application Provider. This honor is awarded each year in recognition of a select number of IBM Business Partners who have delivered not only innovative solutions but have set the standards for business excellence, ingenuity, and creation of an exceptional client experience.

nViso / IBM Beacon Award 2013 Press Release

9th November, 2012 - Lausanne, Switzerland

nViso Announces Availability of Real-time 3D Facial Imaging API for measuring emotion reactions online

Web promotion for Cinemax series ‘Hunted’ goes viral, demonstrates instant analysis capabilities of 3D Facial Imaging technology.

nViso, a leading provider of emotion recognition software, today announced the availability of real-time API for online interactive applications enabling brands to create unique consumer experiences. The capability, implemented through a plug-and-play API and hosted through IBM’s Smart Cloud Enterprise, provides the industry’s first scalable and highly accurate real-time solution to measuring emotion over the Internet from a variety of input sources, including live webcam streams, pre-recorded videos, or still images (such as Facebook photos). The API is optimized for low bandwidth data connections enabling real-time low latency operation even over mobile networks.

nViso Announces Availability of Real-time 3D Facial Imaging API Press Release

24th September, 2012 - Lausanne, Switzerland

nViso receives grant from Swiss CTI to apply breakthrough 3D Facial Imaging technology to predictive analytics in health care applications

Initial results showing significant accuracy improvements in tracheal intubation screenings to be displayed at World Medtech Forum

nViso, a leading provider of emotion recognition software, today announced it has received a grant from the Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI) to extend its pioneering facial analysis technology to provide new levels of predictive analytics in health care applications that will improve the accuracy of patient evaluations. The project, valued at 750,000 USD, will run for 18 months and initially focus on leveraging nViso’s artificial intelligence-based face imaging capabilities to develop an automatic prediction process that will more accurately categorize patients who require tracheal intubation for surgeries involving general anesthesia, thus reducing costs and risks for this type of procedure.

nViso CTI Grant Press Release

20th April, 2012 - New York, USA

IBM Cloud solution fortifies SaaS imaging resources for nViso

IBM SmartCloud Enterprise platform offers low-cost, enterprise-level computing for image analysis

Based in Lausanne, Switzerland, nViso SA is a privately held company associated with the Federal Institute of Technology, known as EPFL in Switzerland. The business develops technologies for deciphering emotions by interpreting human facial expressions and eye movements. The company capitalized on advancements in machine learning, video processing and mathematical modeling and then combined them with high levels of expertise in computer science, engineering and behavioral sciences to engineer its emotion recognition technology platform. Using dynamic 3-D facial expression recognition technology, nViso software services provide an analysis of consumer emotions, including the reporting and visualization of emotional responses such as anger, disgust, fear, happiness and surprise. The company is dedicated to harnessing the power of emotion thus allowing nViso customers to analyze and understand the effect of emotions in human behavior and decision making

IBM Case Study

28th February, 2012 - New York, USA

nViso and IBM help the Swiss LINK Institute measure consumer sentiment in the cloud

The Swiss LINK Institute, a leading market research firm is working with IBM Business Partner nViso to better understand consumer sentiment.

nViso software uses video to capture the visible emotional responses people have while watching an advertisement online. Using the IBM SmartCloud and IBM analytics software, the images are analyzed for seven basic emotions. The results give the Swiss LINK Institute's clients a rich scientific insight into how people respond to brands and messages. For example, an insurance company could quickly understand how people in their target demographic respond to their brand as compared to that of their competitors. The results can also be divided by demographic or compared to competitors campaigns. Prior to this solution, businesses were only able to capture basic anecdotal impressions that relied on people's ability to recall emotional reactions.

IBM Partnerworld Fact Sheet

Press Release

9th September, 2011 - Sydney, Australia

nViso's Facial Imaging Paper takes Best Presentation at 2011 AMSRS Conference

The ESOMAR sponsored Best Presentation Award at last week's AMSRS Conference in Sydney was taken by nViso SA's and Gordon & McCallum's 'Say it to my Face - applying facial imaging to understanding consumer emotional response.'

Given by Matteo Sorci, David McCallum, and Alastair Gordon, the paper showed how the theories and systems developed by Dr. Paul Ekman et al on interpreting human facial expressions had been successfully transferred into the sphere of machine learning. They illustrated, by case study example, the computer learning applications that have made the traditional manual process of facial coding highly scalable and less prone to the vagaries of human error. "We're grateful for the recognition that the record audience attending and the organising committee gave to what we feel is a valuable, cost-effective innovation for the research industry with a many potential applications" quoted David McCallum. "Also, with several previous winners presenting in the AMSRS's traditionally strong field, we are personally pleased to be granted the award in such esteemed company" added Dr Sorci.

5th July, 2011 - Lausanne, Switzerland

nViso announces partnership with Gordon & McCallum; Facial Imaging experts eye global market research industry

Software that is able to accurately detect and decode facial micro-expressions and eye movements is now being rolled out in the marketing research sector.

nViso, the emerging leaders of Facial Imaging has partnered with industry experts, Gordon & McCallum, to accelerate the implementation of its emotional response technology in the market research sector.

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8th June, 2011 - Lasuanne, Switzerland

New software deciphers human emotions, facial expressions; nViso uses science to revolutionize marketing process

Understanding customer emotions just got easier; Neuroscience Meets Web 2.0 to conceive a technology that is able to track and decipher facial micro-expressions and eye movements in real time, using a standard webcam in home environments.

nViso co-founder Dr. Matteo Sorci today unveiled facial imaging software that is able to accurately detect and decode facial micro-expressions and eye movements, at the ESOMAR Conference on Neuroscience in Amsterdam, June 8, 2011. The proprietary technology uses these expressions and movements to precisely interpret human emotions, allowing Marketers to track and understand the emotional effects triggered by products and brand messages at levels of accuracy previously not possible.

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4th April, 2011 - Bern, Switzerland

Tracking gaze and facial expressions

It takes us a split second to interpret what a person's facial expression or eyes say about their feelings. However, for participants in market surveys entering responses on a computer, this has only been possible in the market research lab so far.

Researchers of the National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) "IM2 - Interactive multimodal information management" have developed a software that automatically captures and analyses eye movements. This opens up new avenues for market research. The researchers are currently presenting the new software in Hannover at the world's largest trade fair.

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1st June, 2010 - Lausanne, Switzerland

Swissinfo - Using science to unlock consumers’ minds

Measuring consumers’ emotional responses to products or advertising is a tough business, but a new Lausanne-based company says it might have found the answer.

nViso is a start-up at the Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) that is developing technologies for deciphering emotions for the marketing industry. It does this by interpreting human facial expressions and eye movements online.

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17th May, 2010 - Bern, Switzerland

Swiss National Science Foundation supports nViso 3D Facial Imaging technology

Software that is able to accurately detect and decode facial micro-expressions receives 150'000 CHF funding from the Swiss National Science Foundation.

As part of the National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) “IM2 – Interactive Multimodal Information Management”, nViso is developing a system for detecting emotions, based on an analysis of facial expressions and eye movements. As part of government economic stabilisation measures, the NCCR’s start-up company nViso received funding for developing innovative solutions for the industry.

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