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Our Story


Emotions are the driving force of life, fundamental to human experience, influencing perception, and everyday tasks such as communication and decision-making. However, they have largely been ignored by technologists who have often created frustrating user and product experiences, partly because emotions are hard to measure, difficult to quantify, and their affect has been often misunderstood. nViso aims to correct this imbalance by adding affective computing intelligence to a wide range of everyday appliances, drastically improving the quality of communications, entertainment, security, and safety for the end-users of such systems.

Our Unique Expertise

nViso uniquely combines the latest advancements in computer science, engineering, and behavioral sciences with a diverse background of passionate individuals with strong artistic and scientific abilities. Leveraging advancements in machine learning, video processing, and mathematical modeling, nViso makes automatic emotion recognition a viable reality using any image based device while developing new technologies that advances our basic understanding of affect and its role in human behavior.