Cost-effective and highly scalable emotion measurement technology based on automated facial expression recognition and eye tracking compatible with webcams.
Highly scalable emotion measurement based on automated facial expression recognition and eye tracking.

Cloud service to measure emotions based on automated facial expression recognition and eye movements. Free from wires and electrodes.

Passively capture human emotions from facial expressions by tracking over 143 points on a face using only a simple webcam.

Passively capture human emotions from facial expressions and eye movements by tracking hundreds of muscle movements using only a webcam.

Integrates into existing research frameworks and platforms.

Available in a wide range of online and offline platforms including mobile and webapps. Integrates into existing survey frameworks and platforms.


Optimized for measuring emotions online with cloud computing and real-time operation. Capable to service high volume applications.


nViso provides the most scalable, robust, and accurate cloud service to measure instantaneous emotional reactions of consumers in online environments. We provide real-time and highly actionable information for Market Research, Brands, Creative Agencies and R&D Product Development.

Using award winning and proprietary 3D Facial Imaging technology, compatible with ordinary webcams, we uncover the why and how of customer behaviour in real-time, letting brands make smarter business decisions.

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ESOMAR Asia Pacific 2014
Jakarta, Indonesia / 11-13 May, 2014
A key question for Asian retailers is the degree to which “soft factors", such as shopper reactions to branding or in-store experiences, impacts satisfaction and shopper spend. In Indonesia, answering this question is complicated by the respondent’s tendency towards ‘top-box bias’ in rating stores. We examine the impact of the shopper's underlying emotional reaction to a convenience store visit on key outcome measures (e.g. spending, products bought, chain preference). Combining results from a quantitative survey with unique facial-imaging based measurement of shopper reaction, clarifies the interaction between stated reaction to the visit and visit outcomes. We show that Indonesian retailers can derive real benefit from improved chain imagery and that mobile facial imaging provides unique shopper insight. Read More
ESOMAR Asia Pacific 2013
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam / 8th April, 2013
It is increasingly recognised that emotional reactions drive advertising effectiveness. Yet, in Asia, use of scientific measurement techniques to assess such reactions has been limited. We report on a study of TV ads across 5 Asian markets utilising 3D Facial Imaging technology. This method directly records human emotions from facial expressions and can be applied to better measure response to marketing stimuli in a manner that enhances traditional surveys. Focusing on Vietnam, but with comparisons to other Asian markets, the presentation relates emotional response to intended purchase and recommendation, demonstrating that facial imaging methods provide unique insights into how Asians are reacting to current TV advertising. Read More
World Knowledge Forum
Seoul, South Korea / 10 October, 2012
The rapid expansion of the Asian consumer market has prompted global multinationals to concentrate their efforts on building brands that have both local and global appeal. In a region characterized by considerable cross-cultural differences, the need for accurate Asian market research has become a priority. But in today's world with an estimated 80% of all new product introductions failing within a year or less, how can Asia buck the trend? In this session, you will hear how to exploit the growth in neuroscience technologies that capture consumers’ unconscious responses about brands, products and marketing communications in order to predict their purchasing behaviour with much greater accuracy than traditional market research techniques that rely solely on explicit responses. Read More
nViso Joins Collaborative Effort To Reinvent Ad Research In Asia.
4th April, 2013
Asian brand and marketing research specialists Cimigo announced that they have joined forces with MR design consultancy Gordon & McCallum and Swiss emotion technology company nViso to launch a large scale study of Advertising in Asia: AsiaEmotion. Based on nViso’s award winning and proprietary 3D Facial Imaging technology, the syndicated study directly measured emotional response to advertising in five key Asian markets. nViso’s technology automatically records emotional response based on facial expressions of respondents. This allows researchers to scientifically measure respondent’s real reaction to a video without requiring questions or complex research techniques. AsiaEmotion looked at reaction to 75 “everyday” ads to ascertain what advertising styles, messages or imagery seemed to really be effective.

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Sands Research and nViso announce partnership to advance consumer neuroscience insights available to marketers.
18th March, 2013
Two of the market research community’s leading technology companies announced today a partnership for the combination of their advanced software on a single platform / service offering.

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nViso Wins 2013 IBM Beacon Award for Smarter Computing: SmartCloud - Cloud Application Provider
27th February, 2013
nViso was named a winner of a 2013 IBM Beacon Award for Smarter Computing: SmartCloud - Cloud Application Provider. This honor is awarded each year in recognition of a select number of IBM Business Partners who have delivered not only innovative solutions but have set the standards for business excellence, ingenuity, and creation of an exceptional client experience.

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nViso Announces Availability of Plug-in-Play Real-time 3D Facial Imaging API for measuring emotion reactions online
9th November, 2012
nViso, a leading provider of emotion recognition software, today announced the availability of real-time API for online interactive applications enabling brands to create unique consumer experiences. The capability, implemented through a plug-and-play API and hosted through IBM’s Smart Cloud Enterprise, provides the industry’s first scalable and highly accurate real-time solution to measuring emotion over the Internet from a variety of input sources, including live webcam streams, pre-recorded videos, or still images (such as Facebook photos). The API is optimized for low bandwidth data connections enabling real-time low latency operation even over mobile networks.

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